About our company

We believe customer facing data should be a first class use case.

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Delivery Layer Powers Customer Facing Data

It's counterintuitive, but oftentimes the most valuable data IN your company, is the data LEAVING your company.

If it wasn't valuable, your customers wouldn't be paying for it.

Unfortunately, your most valuable data is the LEAST supported by existing tools.

I've spent my career in the trenches as a data person. I've gone from being the single data person supporting everyone to managing a 100 person data team. I've led data at a unicorn SaaS startup, and owned the P&L of a nine-figure data business at Nielsen, arguably the worlds most mature data company.

Nobody has figured out a good way to do this. So, after banging my head against this problem over and over for more than a decade, I decided to build a better way.

At Delivery Layer, we turn your data into data products.

Our values

We Are Opinionated About How Data Drives Business Value

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Data Is The Sidekick

Data itself doesn't actually do anything. It's only useful if it helps you learn something new or make better decisions. It's not the hero, it's the sidekick.

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Ownership Of Outcomes

Success of a data product depends on more than just technical proficiency. You need to own the business outcome.

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Pragmatic Innovation

Businesses aren't R&D labs. They need to make money. The goal of innovation is revenue, not bullet points on a resume.

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Data Work Is Made Of People

Understanding the human element of data work is crucial, both internally for shipping products, and externally for ensuring your customers actually get value.