Are Your Clients Getting First-Class or Worst-Class?

Not what you do for them, you're probably doing a great job.

But is your data and reporting operating at that same level? Or are you still sending out decks, excel files and BI tools?

Don't put your million dollar clients at risk through poor undifferentiated reporting.

With our Web Application and API platform, we can help you provide a world-class customized reporting experience to your clients with the ease and flexibility of off-the-shelf tools.

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We've Seen It All, And Built A Better Way
The original project was supposed to take 18 months. It ended up taking four and a half years, and couldn't even fully replace the old system.

All the people who approved it were gone by year 3. It was a disaster.

- Product Manager who finally shipped it
Launch slipped from Q3 to the following year, but we were still on the hook for the revenue we put into the plan.

When it finally launched, it was missing key features, but we still needed to sell it as if it was fully done.

- Sales
Product and sales are asking for way more features than we agreed on.

There's a hiring freeze this quarter, and we only have half the engineers we expected. My best engineer just got an offer 60% over what we're paying and I'm pretty sure we can't match it.

- Engineering

To Everyone Else: "It's ok, these setbacks are normal, let's just focus and get this across the line."

Late At Night, Practicing In The Mirror: "It's ok... This is normal... Just keep it together..."

- Product
My client showed me the excel sheet they used to track RFP responses before they chose me.

Every single competitor offered the exact same data that I did, but I was the only one to offer an online portal. That's the only reason I won the RFP.

- Energy Industry Consultant

What We Do

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1. Built for External Reporting

Connect to your data and offer Web Applications and APIs to your customers

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Don't Build It Yourself From Scratch

Avoid the pain and suffering. Benefit from our experience and systems

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Scale From One Client To Hundreds

A BI tool might be fine for a one-off, but what about when you have 20 one-offs and three products with potential to scale?

2. Become Unique and Irreplaceable

Any of your competitors can offer a BI tool, but can any of them compete with your unique application?

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Edge Out Your Competition

Win that RFP by offering what your competitors can't

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Customer Friendly Delivery

Some clients want charts and tables in a platform, some want APIs, some want files...

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3. We come with support

We don't just give you a login and walk away, we get you launched with a first-class product.

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Data not clean and organized?

We've seen it all before. We'll help get the data production ready.

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Not enough capacity on your team?

There never is. We can work together on how to get your product shipped.