In The World Of Data, We Win Or Lose Together

In the world of data, we win or lose together.

In the world of data, we win or lose together.

It has what I call a "musical chairs" dynamic.

In musical chairs, if you have 10 players and 11 seats, there is zero stress in the system, and everyone wins.

However things change drastically the minute there are fewer seats than people.

With 10 players and 9 seats, even though technically only one player gets knocked out of the game, all 10 players are losers compared to before.

They are all stressed and one misstep away from disaster.

In the data industry, we create opportunity and growth for each other by being great data people.

The more value we bring to businesses, the more they will invest and double down on data.

Conversely, if a business invests and we do a bad job, it poisons the well for future data efforts at that company.

After 10 years, the blind faith that data will solve all our business problems is gone.

And in a tough economy, the bar for impact is going up.

That said, we are better equipped than ever.

The difference in tools, infrastructure and technology compared to 10 years remarkable.

The learning resources we have are incredible. It's never been easier to pick up new skills.

We've got platforms like LinkedIn where we can all learn from each other and teach each other.

We've got everything we need to crush it this year.

Let's go!

And let me know if I can help you, because when you win I win and I know we both love winning.

Solomon is the Founder and CEO of Delivery Layer. Prior to starting Delivery Layer he ran the data team at Helium 10, a unicorn SaaS startup. Before that he owned the P&L of Nielsen Sports, the global leader in Sports Sponsorship data.

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