Introducing Delivery Layer

Introduction to Delivery Layer

It's counterintuitive, but generally the most valuable data IN your company, is the data LEAVING your company.

If it wasn't valuable, it would be sitting untouched in a database. It wouldn't be in a customer web application, or API, or ftp site, or excel file & powerpoint deck that gets sent out every Tuesday morning...

Unfortunately, getting this valuable data to customers & partners is extremely painful. After spending a decade banging my head against this problem over and over, I decided to build a better way.

The goal of Delivery Layer is to turn your data into data products.

If you have data that needs to go somewhere, we're here to help.

Solomon is the Founder and CEO of Delivery Layer. Prior to starting Delivery Layer he ran the data team at Helium 10, a unicorn SaaS startup. Before that he owned the P&L of Nielsen Sports, the global leader in Sports Sponsorship data.

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